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Account Verification

Proof of address is exactly what it sounds like: it’s something that proves where you live. It’ll generally take the form of a document from a reputable service that’s recently been sent to your home address – proving that’s the address you actually use.

Banks and other organizations often ask for proof of residence as a security measure. It helps them confirm that you’re telling the truth about who you are and where you live.

1) Acceptable Proof of ID Documents (any one):

1. Passport (or) 2. Driving License (or) 3. Government Issued any ID Card (Color Photo ID only)

2) Acceptable Proof of ADDRESS Documents (any one):

1. Telephone Bill (or) 2. Electricity or Gas Bill (or) 3. Bank Statements (not older than 3 months)

Document must clearly show your face, full name, address and the date

3) Upload Selfie of you holding the ID card in your hand